Jul. 15th, 2010

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I don't think the 'it's still wednesday in some part of the world' thing applies here. XD

So with a bit of a delay:

Day 02: your least favorite song

I have a lot of songs that make me go 'D: D: NOOO' at times. But actually coming up with examples is hard! I mean of course I hated the Schnappy das Kleine Krokodil (or however it was called) song, but it didn't exactly make my skin crawl.

This one does. Not because it's epically bad. I think a lot of people love it. But next to my irrational dislike for Coldplay and U2, the song 'Safe Tonight', 'Killing me Softly' and anything Anastacia, I really don't like 'Wicked Games'. I probably don't like it because my ex-uncle used to play it loudly and sang along, so I have that memory attached to it.

I can't upload this, because I don't have it. ^_^

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Hopefully I will do day 03 a little bit later tonight. Alessandro just woke up so I'm going to take him out of bed.

Bye all. <3
aghostofasmile: picture of girl sitting behind a piano (piano)
Day 03: a song that makes you happy

I had to pick randomly. So many songs make me happy for different reasons. I don't really have a reason for this one, other than it just puts me in a good mood. :)

Sometimes I forget I really love Garbage. It's been a while, I might even listen to an actual facts cd tomorrow.

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Like as in, I'm going to go swimming for about an hour, for health reasons. Not like 'oh it's so hot in this lovely village in Spain I'm going to jump in the pool' but 'I will pay for entrance and get dressed in a stall, put my stuff in a locker and go swim in the pool I used to go to for gym. Which is 5 years ago or something. Hehe.


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