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I'm on my last day of music! Yay!

You know, I kind of liked this meme, and I think I will do the 30 days of SPN. I know that's not really interesting for a lot of you, but I'd really like to try it.

Day #30: Your favorite song at this time last year

I picked two songs! I didn't listen to a lot of music according to in September, but I checked August and September and came to the conclusion that I listened to two songs a lot.

First one is If It Kills Me by Jason Mraz. I got to know it because of so you think you can dance. I always watched the videos on ontd of the American sytycd last year, because I wanted to see how Jeanine Mason was doing. I saw her dance a couple of times through channels about dancing competitions I am subscribed to on youtube. So, one of the songs she danced to for sytycd is this song, and I kind of loved it.

I was looking for a youtube vid but could only find boring ones. Might as well show you the sytycd routine, no?

Second is Jeff Buckley's 'Lover You Should've Come Over'. I love this. I just... everytime I think what a damn shame it is that we didn't get to hear more of this man than we did. Anyway, I think he's or was brilliant. <3

There wasn't really any youtube video that I liked (one was blocked by Sony so that was probably what I had been looking for) so I just uploaded it for you:

Lover, You Should've Come Over

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Going to watch some SPN now, Nightshifter and Houses of the Holy. The latter is one of my favourite episodes. Oh and then it's Born Under a Bad Sign. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay.

It's sooo odd to see Clémence Poésy and Katie Cassidy on Gossip Girl! I keep thinking 'Omg Fleur, what are you doing with Chuck Bass?". And I dislike Katie Cassidy's character. Which is odd! Because I liked Ruby 1.0.

Oh and Emma Caulfield was on Life Unexpected! (I know, my taste in tv shows blows you away, right?) I was like 'oh haaaay Anya!'. She was all... human and not demon-y.

My ear hurts. :(

Byeeeeeeeeeee! <3
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Hi guys!

Day #29: A song from your childhood

This is a song that makes me think of when I was young and stayed with my grandparents for the night. My grandma loved Sylvie Melodie, I remember that. She was really popular. Still is, but she's not that little cute girl anymore!

This is her (Belgian/Flemish) cover of Ben:

Now she's like 28 or something? And she can still sing it, but I won't bore you.

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I'm so bored lately. Ugh. I have watched so many Vlogs on youtube. XD Ah well. Soon I will be employed. Yay!

Supernatural started its sixth season on Friday. I keep on thinking 'It was good but I didn't like this and this and this and this and -'. YOU CAN NEVER PLEASE A SUPERNATURAL FAN.

[Unknown site tag]I am a Samapologizer most of the time. I always found ways to defend his behaviour the last few seasons. I love him and he's Sammy. But I kind of wanted to punch him this episode and that has never happened before. I get his reasoning, but I hate how everyone knew about Sam being back and no one told Dean. Like... Bobby would flip if anyone tried that with him. Same with Sam! I was like, what the hell?!

I hate the Campbells. Well, I adore Mary, of course, but the living Campbells can go. First of all, I don't buy the 'Lol someone pulled me out of heaven' part. Second, I just did not like any of the new characters at all. Especially that chick. When they were mocking Dean in Lisa's house for trying to live a normal life, I got so mad. I'm so protective over my favourite fictional characters. Third, I don't buy the 'oh third cousin something something'. YED supposedly killed all Mary's living relatives, and suddenly more Campbells show up? I mean, I know that the Campbells are badass, and their ancestors were hunters and they might have been able to hide from YED. Buuut I still don't buy it. :/ They have a bad influence on Sam, I think.

Also, Sampa was all 'Lolz I know things even your daddy didn't know, hah' and I was like 'Bitch you did not just say that!' I know Sir wasn't really... a good father. BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN HE GETS TO INSULT HIM. Or be better than him. Or try to replace him. Frustrationnnn.

I think what I hated most was that Sam was talking about his awesome hunting adventures with his awesome new family or whatever, while Dean was trying all year to live his life with Lisa, grieving for his brother and clearly having a really rough time.

Also, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I see no reason for Lisa and Ben to die. I actually kind of love them. And it's obvious he's not going to stay with them, I mean, he's not saying, "I love Lisa, I am going to stay with her forever ♥_♥.". Calm doooown, fandom. (I know, this is spn fandom... :P)

I'd be pretty disappointed in Dean if he had just said "Oh, lol, Lisa I don't love you, kthxbai." That would have been out of character. I wish Lisa was a little more tough, like Jo or Bela. A little more 'Uhm Dean you are stupid and I deserve better' and a little less 'This was the best year of my life'. But she's nice. Can't really blame her for falling for Dean.

It's not even like they're really in LOVE with eachother, I think. Lisa said it herself: she wished Ben had someone like a father to look up to. I don't know, they're a good match I think? But only temporarily. I get it, though. I buy it? It's messed up that Dean just showed up on her doorstep like that, yeah. But I wouldn't turn him down either. And Dean was doing it for Sam. And he chose Lisa because Lisa is the one that made him realise that hey, he actually wants a family some day. Different than the one he knew after his mother died. Back in season 3 he thought he was going to die - well and he did - and he had nothing but his brother to leave behind. That idea of a family for himself stuck around after saving Ben. Why is it so hard to believe that? People do that all the time, clinging to ideas for years.

Didn't mean to write all that.

Why do I care so much? XD

Jensen did a terrific job, as always. Sometimes it's obvious that Jared is trying really hard? I don't get that feeling with Jensen. And he's so goodlooking, that helps. I really love his lips.

I am not superficial. Tsh.

Anyways, nothing more interesting to tell!

Hope everyone is doing great!

I know i have some comments that I still owe some of you. It's odd how I'm bored but then I forget to do the most simple things! D:

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Hmmm. Everytime a song from the (500) Days of Summer OST comes up, I feel like watching it. I'm not going to. Not today. Maybe tomorrow. :)

Preparing for exams has officially begun. I took the week off last week, and only went to class and copied notes. And then on Wednesday I went home, and read books and was on the internet a lot. And then on Friday I watched the season five finale of Supernatural. And then I rewatched it on Saturday. I am quite pleased with the finale. There were things that could have been better. Things we wanted (like the amulet) didn't happen, etc. But it was OK. I hope season six will be good. For now it's good to read fic, and meta.

I've never been this kind of involved with a series. I was obsessed with Buffy when it aired, but I never really went out of my way to see what other people thought about this or that developement. I just watched and waited for a week for a new episode. I never read Buffy fanfic. But Supernatural, it's fun.

Yes I know the fans are crazy. Or the crazies are the ones getting most attention. But it's a nice fandom to be in. I like it here. I might just delurk a little bit. (D:)

SO preparing for exams is going...fine. I have no plan. Some people follow a schedule I just think when I go to sleep 'Hmmm cognitive therapy tomorrow?'. Idk, I like lists and schedules, but for exams they never quite work out.

I'm glad I took some days to recover and relax. I think at the end of my higher education my body was like, "You know what? Fuck it. You do this every year, you tire me out, you eat crappy unhealthy food, don't drink enough water, and sit on your ass all day. I'm so done with that attitude!"

I'll try to be better, body, I promise. Bottle of water next to me, healthy snacks, and better eating habits.

I'm even taking vitamins.

So, not much going on, but I wanted to update anyway. =)


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