aghostofasmile: Picture of wall with poem painted on by Hafiz (even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth, "You owe me") (it lights the whole sky)
Hmmm. Everytime a song from the (500) Days of Summer OST comes up, I feel like watching it. I'm not going to. Not today. Maybe tomorrow. :)

Preparing for exams has officially begun. I took the week off last week, and only went to class and copied notes. And then on Wednesday I went home, and read books and was on the internet a lot. And then on Friday I watched the season five finale of Supernatural. And then I rewatched it on Saturday. I am quite pleased with the finale. There were things that could have been better. Things we wanted (like the amulet) didn't happen, etc. But it was OK. I hope season six will be good. For now it's good to read fic, and meta.

I've never been this kind of involved with a series. I was obsessed with Buffy when it aired, but I never really went out of my way to see what other people thought about this or that developement. I just watched and waited for a week for a new episode. I never read Buffy fanfic. But Supernatural, it's fun.

Yes I know the fans are crazy. Or the crazies are the ones getting most attention. But it's a nice fandom to be in. I like it here. I might just delurk a little bit. (D:)

SO preparing for exams is going...fine. I have no plan. Some people follow a schedule I just think when I go to sleep 'Hmmm cognitive therapy tomorrow?'. Idk, I like lists and schedules, but for exams they never quite work out.

I'm glad I took some days to recover and relax. I think at the end of my higher education my body was like, "You know what? Fuck it. You do this every year, you tire me out, you eat crappy unhealthy food, don't drink enough water, and sit on your ass all day. I'm so done with that attitude!"

I'll try to be better, body, I promise. Bottle of water next to me, healthy snacks, and better eating habits.

I'm even taking vitamins.

So, not much going on, but I wanted to update anyway. =)


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