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So for the past few months I have been noticing my stomach acting up. The days were I wouldn't feel slightly sick to the stomach were rare. It was bad when I had milk though, that really sucked. At first it was just an unsettled stomach, but now it has progressed to cramps. So I went to get tested for food allergies, and they figured I am now: caffeine, cacao, cow milk, soy and citrus intolerant.

Doctor said it should go away after a while, because this intolerance only started now, when I'm 22.

The really annoying part is not being able to switch to soy. I like soy milk and desserts and all that, and I'd ditch the cow milk and just eat and drink that, but I can't.

I am not giving up on coffee though. Coffee gives me cramps for a couple of hours, as long as it's not espresso (which does end up making me feel sick). I can deal with that.

And I'm studying and I'm hungry and I want to have a snack and everything has milk, chocolate or butter in it and it SUCKS. And I thought croissants didn't have milk in 'em, but they do and I feel sick. And it just really really sucks. And I think I have eaten all the greasy salty stuff, or mum put them somewhere I can't find 'em. She's not home so I can't ask.

Not fun at all. :(

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