Sep. 28th, 2010

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I'm on my last day of music! Yay!

You know, I kind of liked this meme, and I think I will do the 30 days of SPN. I know that's not really interesting for a lot of you, but I'd really like to try it.

Day #30: Your favorite song at this time last year

I picked two songs! I didn't listen to a lot of music according to in September, but I checked August and September and came to the conclusion that I listened to two songs a lot.

First one is If It Kills Me by Jason Mraz. I got to know it because of so you think you can dance. I always watched the videos on ontd of the American sytycd last year, because I wanted to see how Jeanine Mason was doing. I saw her dance a couple of times through channels about dancing competitions I am subscribed to on youtube. So, one of the songs she danced to for sytycd is this song, and I kind of loved it.

I was looking for a youtube vid but could only find boring ones. Might as well show you the sytycd routine, no?

Second is Jeff Buckley's 'Lover You Should've Come Over'. I love this. I just... everytime I think what a damn shame it is that we didn't get to hear more of this man than we did. Anyway, I think he's or was brilliant. <3

There wasn't really any youtube video that I liked (one was blocked by Sony so that was probably what I had been looking for) so I just uploaded it for you:

Lover, You Should've Come Over

the rest of the list )

Going to watch some SPN now, Nightshifter and Houses of the Holy. The latter is one of my favourite episodes. Oh and then it's Born Under a Bad Sign. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay.

It's sooo odd to see Clémence Poésy and Katie Cassidy on Gossip Girl! I keep thinking 'Omg Fleur, what are you doing with Chuck Bass?". And I dislike Katie Cassidy's character. Which is odd! Because I liked Ruby 1.0.

Oh and Emma Caulfield was on Life Unexpected! (I know, my taste in tv shows blows you away, right?) I was like 'oh haaaay Anya!'. She was all... human and not demon-y.

My ear hurts. :(

Byeeeeeeeeeee! <3

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