Sep. 13th, 2010

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Hi guys!

So this is my attempt at being more active on lj again. I don't understand how I could post so much in July, while I'm pretty much doing the exact same thing all day. Nothing. :P

I got a job for a week at a hotel, lol. House keeping. Yeah... it'll probably suck. But I'll at least get some money. Kind of need to buy stuff, like blouses and beauty products. I need stuff for my wrinkles. That no one else can see but me. Whatever, it's all about prevention.

Day #27: a song that you wish you could play

Dawn, from the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack. Upload tomorrow or later.

I'm working on this song now, but it's hard to motivate myself to actually play lately. I have no patience with myself. I can play every song I ever had to play, but learning new things on my own ain't that easy for me. I have no discipline and I want to get it right immediately. And this song isn't so hard! If I would practice daily I could play it.

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I was going to start going to take classes again. I promised myself I would do that. But then my plans for this year changed, and I'm probably not going to be in the country for half of the school year, so I'm not paying 200 euros for 1 semester of classes. Also, I wouldn't be taking exams or anything so that would be a real waste. Maybe in 2012-2013, right?

I just feel so empty-like. I can't get myself to write. I only watch tv shows and movies. I get so dragged down by all the negativity in this house. Siiigh. But I'll see Sophie and Stefanie again on Thursday for shopping, so that'll be nice. Plus if I go to work next week, I'm done at about 3pm, so that means I have time to go shopping or something. Maybe I'll buy a book...

I graduated officially yesterday! Got a fancy piece of paper that says I'm a Professional Bachelor in Applied Psychology. And I am taking classes that'll eventually lead me to be allowed to teach psychology and stuff in high school. So that's kind of productive.

And last week was a pretty good week. So maybe I'm just pms-ing. Hmmm.

Talk to you guys soon, thanks for reading.


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