Aug. 3rd, 2010

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I keep skipping a day. D:

Day 21: a song that you listen to when you're happy

When I'm happy I feel like dancing, and I also feel like indulging myself in silly music. Mostly this leads me to listening to pop music from when I was ~young. Usually I do this by looking at youtube videos, since I don't have that many pop songs on here. I might fix that some day.

The song I picked is this one:

*NSYNC - Bye Bye Bye

They weren't that popular in Belgium, I think. I mean, my little sister doesn't know *NSYNC but she does know the Backstreet Boys and Five, and that was the same time period, wasn't it?

Speaking of my 'little' sister (she's taller than me :(). She has a boyfriend now who is 19. Soon she'll be 17. I'm soooo not ready for her to be sexually active, it makes me have minor freak outs. I just want her to stay 14 and (somewhat) innocent forever.

On to Day 22...

a song that you listen to when you're sad</lj-cut> <i>Day 22: a song that you listen to when you're sad</i> <object width= )

the rest of the list )

Today I finally got Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. My collection is complete, at last!

Well, you know, sort of. I still want them all in hardback. So I will fix that whenever I get a job or something.


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