Jun. 29th, 2010


Jun. 29th, 2010 12:20 am
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Today something awesome happened!

Nah I'm just kidding. As far as things go, it was kind of mediocre. But I've been having back pain for the past... 2 or 3 weeks? And I have scoliosis, so I'm kind of used to back pain now and then. Especially during stressful times. It's my weak spot.

Anyhoo, usually I can fix it by doing some back exercises, using flexium gel, or taking it easy. But none of those things worked and the pain got worse. It was my lower back. So I went to the doctor I used to go to ages ago, from when I was 14 to when I was 17. He knows my back and I trust him.

He looked up my file and told me 'Hey it's been six years!' which is kind of good, really. Afterwards he told me my back/spine looks fine, considering I had a pretty severe bend in my spine when I was 14. I had to wear a brace for two years. At least I think it was 2 years... I've been keeping up with exercises now and then, and he said that definitely helps keeping things under control. I was happy to hear that.

For some reason I was fearing something like 'Dude, your spine is fucked, there is nothing I can do, it's pain management from now on, sorry.' Which may sound dramatic, but it's not like it can't happen.

I always dread going. Having your back manipulated is... not pleasant. I really had to breathe through it. I was expecting worse, though, it used to take longer. But he said it's no use to try and manipulate the scoliosis now I'm an 'adult'. I'd have to go back every week for years on end to have it take any long-lasting effect.

So nooow I feel weird, but I'm not in pain. I hear things in my back cracking when I walk around, lol, pretty creepy. But in my head everything is just falling/shifting back into place now.

You know how I can see I have scoliosis? Besides the obvious 'By looking at my back', of course. The left side of my collarbones is less pronounced than my right side. Annoys me. But if that's all it is... Some people have way more severe back issues than I do. So I'm kind of grateful. In a 'it could be worse' way. Besides... no one really has a completely normal body, right? :)

I know I always have something I want to change about myself. Not all of them unreasonable. That's just life, isn't it?

This was supposed to be a fandom related post with a bit of RL.


I'll try again tomorrow. <3

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