Apr. 26th, 2010

aghostofasmile: Picture of wall with poem painted on by Hafiz (even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth, "You owe me") (it lights the whole sky)
Life would be easier if I would get in my super-focussed mode at a reasonable hour.

I don't actually mind staying up this late and often do this for exams, but I have a whole week of classes, and my sleeping schedule is fucked. :P

Ah well. C'est la vie.

I especially like how we have 12 hours of the same class this week, because for God knows what reason this class is starting this week, instead of the beginning of the semester. Messes with my Tuesday and Wednesday.

We have some hours to catch up! Exam study period starts May 12th. :P

Good news is that I am FINALLY done - ish with my literature part of my dissertation. I need to do the practical part right now, which is basically me saying where I did my internship, what I did, give the results and interpret them, make a conclusion, write my introduction, and write an English abstract. and I have 5 days left. (well, I have till May 10th to hand it in, but I want to be done earlier, obv).

So yeah. Yay school. and such.

I am going to read some chicklit (shut up, I need some sappy implausible romance in my life :p ) and go get some sleep.

Love you all, darlings. Hope you are all well. <3

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